Photographie de rue à Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 9

Photographie de rue à Malmö

Street photography in Malmö

Me voici de nouveau avec une série “Photographie de rue à Malmö”, je suis allé à Malmö sur un coup de tête. J’ai réservé un vol pour Copenhague avec mon appareil photo et quelques heures plus tard j’étais là. D’abord à l’aéroport de Katrsup, puis j’ai pris le train et j’ai passé le pont d’Oresund (qui a inspiré la chanson et une série télé). J’ai beaucoup entendu parler de Malmö, mais quand on void de ses yeux c’est beaucoup mieux. Je suis là depuis trois jours seulement, mais j’ai vu beaucoup de choses. (Traduction de l’article en cours)

Bagaren & bonden Malmö

On the first morning I went to the bakery for a breakfast and I found them really welcoming and they were nice people working there at Bagaren och Bonden. The bread and the sweets were really tasty just perfect for a first morning breakfast.

Street photography in Malmö 17

Bagaren & bonden Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 16

Bagaren & bonden Malmö

Ribersborg beach – Malmö

After breakfast, the sea ! Let’s see if I can’t make a swim on this unexpected warm week-end in Sweden. But first having a little nap and recover from last night trip. It was the occasion to take some picture of the bay. There was families there enjoying the weather and some others went to the sauna ” Kallbadhus“. The water was kind of cold but I didn’t allow my self to try it. A straight jump to it is better !

Street photography in Malmö 3

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus – Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 2

Ribersborgsstranden – Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 4

Mother and her child sleeping on Ribersborg beach – Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 5

Man on Ribersborg beach – Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 13

(Almost) Summer in Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 21

The child with the red Jacket

Sunday Morning in Malmö

Gender equality in Sweden is really something compared to other countries of the UE or in the world. Sweden has really took a big step forward and since many years.

Woman priest in Malmö

Doesn’t have anything to deal with the picture below. But I wasn’t expecting meeting with a woman priest that day in Malmö. I followed her and we had a little talk while I was taking pictures of her. She was carrying some “croissant” to the church that Sunday morning.

Street photography in Malmö 18

Woman priest in Malmö

Partying until Sunday morning

A walk with my camera makes me most of the time crossing the path of nice people, like that Sunday morning in Malmö while heading to sea I’ve found those folks taking some fresh air before getting back inside again to continue partying. I guess they were dancing the whole night and matinee. I really like the contrast  between the  two last pictures. They were took the same day just few minutes between each. You can see different people having different life.

Street photography in Malmö 1

Partying until Sunday noon – Street photogrphy in Malmö

Cable skiing in Malmö

It was unexpected for me to find this cable skiing place. After walkinf through the Hamnen area I arrived to the back of Malmö’s central station and found this ! It’s just really cool to that in the middle of the city. I’ve took pictures of “Surf in Munich” in 2016 and this is the same feeling I’ve had. So I’ll share more pictures of it on another post. There’s too much things to see in Malmö !

Street photography in Malmö 6

Cable skiing in Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 8

Cable skiing in Malmö – Beijerskajen Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 7

Roller skater at Klaffbron – Malmö

Turning torso

You can’t go to Malmö wihtout seeing the turning torso building. But I would say and from my experience It’s hard to take a picture in Malmö without missing the Turning torso building in your frame. It’s nice, it’s big it’s twisting that’s it.

Street photography in Malmö 10

Turning torso Malmö

Triangeln station Malmö

The City Tunnel under Malmö is one of Sweden’s largest infrastructure projects, linking the province of Skåne (Scania) in southern Sweden with Zealand in Denmark. For Sweco’s architects, the assignment encompassed three of the tunnel’s underground stations: the Lower Malmö C Station, the Triangeln Station and the Hyllie Station.

Triangel Station  won award “Kasper Salin“, from the Swedish association of architects, in 2011. (Source: Sweco’s)

Street photography in Malmö 15

Triangeln station Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 14

Triangeln station Architecture Malmö

In the streets of Malmö

I was having dinner with friends at the Green Mango. I saw nice couple walking through the streets of Malmö carrying a sofa on a bike and a trolley.

Street photography in Malmö 12

Carrying a sofa – Street photography in Malmö

Instead of the rest of sweden it seems that’s typically Malmö to see stores that are displaying fruits & vegetables like this on the street side of the store.

Street photography in Malmö 20

Fruits & vegetables stores in Malmö – Fruits et légumes à Malmö

Out of time scene in Malmö

After taking a nap that sunday at the ocean, I walked through Scaniaparken and saw this couple sitting and getting tanned during this sunny day in Sweden. I stopped to take this picture and while shooting this third woman with her bicycle came inside the frame. Felt like I had time traveled !

Street photography in Malmö 11

Summer in Malmö

Folkets park Malmö

Going to Malmö without visiting the Folkets park is a mandatory, from Malmö Värnhem to Folkets park we had a walk with my friend Kajsa. She show me all the area and I’ve been lucky to assist to a folk concert in Barnens scen (The children’s scene) this yellow round house in the middle of the park. People where dancing this night under folk music some folk band were playing there during that night. While some other cello player were making some improvisation outside of it gathering curious people and others who are used to come there.

Street photography in Malmö 22

Malmö Värnhem

Street photography in Malmö 27

Moriska in Folkets park – Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 26

Family time in Folkets park Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 25

Family time in Folkets park Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 24

Folk music player at folkets park

Street photography in Malmö 23

Folk concert in Barnens scen

Street photography in Malmö 28

Folk concert in Barnens scen

Street photography in Malmö 29

A walk in Folkets park Malmö

Street photography in Malmö 30

Photographie de rue à Malmö | Suède

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