Luc-sur-Mer | Normandy

I had a week-end around Deauville, that was an occasion to roam around and to visit the coast. I’ve been to Luc-sur-Mer after 45 minutes of driving from Deauville. Luc-sur-Mer is a cute little town of Normandy, feels like the time stopped by. It is located south of the Bay of Seine, in the heart of the “Côte de Nacre”, on the northern confines of the Bessin and the plain of Caen, in the north of Calvados. Its village is 2.5 km northeast of Douvres-la-Délivrande, 9 km northwest of Ouistreham and 15 km north of Caen. The municipal territory is at the intersection of three landscape units: a coastal and seaside area, a rural area and a peri-urban area.

A walk in all along the beach is really pleasant. With those wooden cabanes are giving to the beach a certain style. The weather during that week-end was not good for swimming people were having walks, playing with kites, having coffees or eating a Gui gui from Luc-sur-Mer.

During the summer, it is the aerobatics festival that attracts the crowds who come to admire the demonstrations of aircraft over the sea. There is also a menhir at the bend of a hiking trail. On the beach of Luc-sur-Mer, the cliffs make all the charm, where you can observe many fossils. Those on the beach are allowed to pick up! Fishing is practiced very much as many water sports, windsurfing, kite surfing … Nearby the beaches of Lion sur Mer and Langrune sur Mer complete the choice of bathing places.

Luc-sur-Mer | Normandy 3

Luc-sur-Mer | Normandy

Things to do in Luc-sur-Mer

The skeleton of the whale that was stranded on the shore there are over one hundred years exposed under a canopy in the park of the City Hall and visit the House of the Whale.

Park City Hall, green gem allows children to enjoy games.

The casino, the spa of three worlds (steam room, spa baths and Japanese Navy), sailing, swimming, sports facilities offer year round services and activities for tourists and residents called “sprites”, and participate in the Animation Station.

Luc-sur-Mer | Normandy 2

Luc-sur-Mer | Normandy