About me

Just few words about how I started photography…

I moved to Paris for my studies few years ago, I wanted to discover the city. I was roaming around, discovering, walking early in the morning lately in the evening just discovering. I was feeling as an ethnologist discovering a new civilization …

it was frustrating because I wanted to take notes, take pictures. But by that time I didn’t have the chance to have a camera neither time to take notes … So my eyes and my memory were my only friends.

I started doing photography few years ago, I was doing what they call street photography, but I wasn’t able to name it like that. By that time, I didn’t had a camera, was just curious about it

Some friends were, giving me theirs and I  really enjoyed it, I started putting some of my picture on some social media, and people asked me with I’m shooting and asking me what they should buy for doing photography … I was answering “ I don’t have camera” was funny, one day a friend living in UK send me his camera an told me, here you are take car of it, learn, enjoy, shoot and give it back to me once you’re done ! (many thank’s to you Arezki you really helped me !)

How I started

This passion of photography started when i was young. My father had a Minolta XG-1 with a 50mm f1.7 … just the perfect camera he bought it in the 80’s and it still new today as if he bought it today. He explained me how it is working, how to set the speed, the aperture and many other things … I could say just how this magic box is capturing the light. I was shooting one or two pictures on his film rolls.  Then one day he asked me to take the picutres of my brother’s wedding. I learned a lot from him. Special thanks to my dad! (Another Arezki! 😉

This path wasn’t made for me, because I was playing drums in a band, and I didn’t focus on this photography thing. I came back to it when I left Algeria for France.

What I shoot

As I said, the street photography was my passion, and soon I started to earn money wth photography with the help of the socials media, friends called me when they needed a photographer. So I started getting paid for shooting events, wedding, pregnancy, maternity, portraits for models or actress…. Here I am now with my website where you can see my work, my travels and some of my projects.

Hope you’ll enjoy … Mahdi