Corporate photographer

Photographe de portrait coporate - Corporate portrait photography

Corporate photographer

Freelance photographer for several years. I offer my services as a corporate corporate photographer. I take all kind of photography related to business; as well as dynamic portraits of the teams, photography of your company achievements, products, and also of intern of official events that you organise.

Various companies in different sectors have already trusted me. Events, consulting firms, architectures, lawyers, as well as companies in the aeronautic, automobile, solar energy industry … I intervene most often at the request of communication and marketing services, wanting to highlight their achievements. My photos are used for their websites, catalogs and also as content for social networks. In the age of instant content sharing, I provide quality photos in suitable formats in a short time.

Professional career and commitments

My atypical professional journey allowed me to adapt and put myself up to various sectors of activity and to bring beyond the photo a know-how and a know how to be to make the difference. First agricultural engineer, then event coordinator, passing by consultant in industrial performance and other jobs… I knew how to make the best of each of these experiences to make them assets in my passion which became my job. Photography.

In order to best meet the expectations and requirements of my clients, I made the listening to the needs of my clients one of my priorities. I knew how to develop with most of them in a long-term relationships of trust. Knowing how to combine quality with profitability.

I would be delighted to answer your questions and also potentially bring my touch to your projects.

Please feel free to contact me, I work in all E.U. and also in Africa.

In action photography

Photos of facilities and equipment

Photography of official events

Corporate portrait photography

Photo-reportage of craftsmen

On construction site photography

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