Hebammenprojekt is the photography project I’ve did in Germany about Midwives or call it the midwifery project. Between November 2016 and february 2017. Contacting 150 Midwives and meeting almost 20 of them all around Germany to make interviews and to take pictures of them during their day of work. Talking about all the problematic that they have in the profession and how the conditions of work and also of the pregnancy are getting bad in Germany during the last years.



  • 150 Midwives contacted
  • 11000 km traveled
  • 80 Pregnant women met
  • Bremen, Leipzig, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, Wurtzburg and many other cities that I’ve visited for the project.

I started to contact midwives and asked if I could follow them during their day of work. I sent emails to more than 150 midwives; independent ones, working in hospitals or birth houses. I explained that I wanted to write something about midwives in Germany to ring the bell on their work conditions. The deal was that I’d take pictures of them and …


La grossesse n'est pas une maladie #HebammenProjekt
The midwifery project - Being a midwife in Germany 5