The midwifery project – Germany

Why photographing midwifery ? Usually I´m doing street photography. I’m capturing the atmosphere of situations of the daily life. I had the chance to take pictures of a friend last year when she was pregnant and of the baby after she gave birth. I got magic moments through my lens. Still I was wondering what was behind the mystery “birth” and above all WHO. Midwifery is a traditional profession and inspired by curiosity I decided to start a photo-project in Germany. I contacted midwifes all over the country and the feedback is already very positive. I hope to get pictures of pregnancy, birth and the families with their newborns. I´m aware of entering privacy and intimacy. But I´m convinced that pictures often tell more than words, especially in this very existential situation. My second focus is going to the midwifery-work. My aim is to give them a face and the chance to show what they really do.

I started contacting midwifes for the project, and the feedback is already positive. It is going to be difficult to be part of births, both in hospitals and at home. But I´m taking this challenge and hope to find enough families who are interested in letting me be part of their birth-story.

Critics and ideas are welcome. Midwives: Please contact me if you’re interested !

Supporting the project

A project like this induces some spends on train tickets, car pooling and maybe renting a place where to stay. I’m starting it with my own wherewithal. So I decided to call for a crowdfunding on Kickstarter, any help or donation would be great.

This money will be used for

  • Printing the pictures for an exhibition around the first trimester of 2017
  • Printing a book for the midwives
  • I would like to print the album in English / French / German / Arabic so that it will be available for large panel
  • Offering the book for midwifery schools and institutions



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