Portrait photography

Since I have started doing portrait photography, I had some models to shoot their portrait to make books because they were artiste, models or actors. Sometimes just to train myself to learn to master natural light or artificial light. From years to years I have gained more experience in this discipline of photography. Leading and at the same time letting the model stand naturally is something that is not easy to do. But if you find the good balance, you’ll find your happiness in it. I’ve never set a foot in a photography studio, all the pictures that I shot I’ve took them in the street and / or in a natural places like home or just outside. This gives them a natural touch and in the same raw that I do not want to lose. Of course there will come a time when I should set a photo session in a studio to shoot portraits, but for now I am satisfied with what works and that suits me.

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YogaGraphy with Anne Francin
YogaGraphy 2
Urban Yoga in Paris with Claire 2
Pregnancy photography in Bavaria 1
Pregnancy photography in Berlin
Nude photography in Berlin 1
Portrait in Hamburg 2
Arthemon Lis - German actor 12
Gregory pierre
Kateryna Zhulai
Modele Noni - shooting photo paris montmartre rue sacré coeur