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Mobile Portrait Photography Studio - Studio de photographie mobile

Mobile portrait photography studio

Nowadays, almost everyone has a camera in his pocket. Its portability and the instant delivery were a game changer for photography. Especially when we all know that the most annoying thing with professional photographers is that we must wait to get the pictures. You can’t compete with a smartphone on its portability and instant delivery. But a smartphone can’t compete with the quality of a professional camera. So, what if we take the best of both and make professional photography delivered instantly?

This is what I’ve been working on in the last months. A mobile portrait photography studio.

So I’ve built a solution where right after you take the headshot it’s displayed on my laptop with a QR Code and the person whose pictures had been taken can scan it and immediately download his professional portrait. Or getting it instantly by email.

The mobile portrait photography studio consists of a couple of strobe lights, a backdrop, a reflector, and a laptop.

I’m offering this feature for companies or people who need their portrait delivered quickly, as for some events where people are gathering to meet companies who are hiring talents. So, they can get their headshots to update their curriculum vitae or their LinkedIn profile pictures.

I’ve been using it lately at an event where I had hundreds of people coming to my booth to get their headshot taken and use it immediately for their professional network.

If you’re a company who needs to offer this solution for your event, you can contact me, and we can arrange to work together and meet your expectations.

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