Street Photography

This is all the street photography archives that I took the last years. I’ve been praticing it since few years now. Always having my camera strap over my shoulder ready to fire every scene to witness normality. It’s the part of photography that I like the most, roaming in europea, countries as France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands or North African countries as Algeria my mother land. This discipline of photography taught me a lot about how to act as a photographer, how to observe differents subjects and scenes. Getting closer to the people, or wait for the perfect moment. I’ve always compared it to fishing, you have be patient, discret and wait for the right moment to pull the trigger. Sometimes you get nothing, somtimes you catch really good stuff.

Through the last years, I’ve done some other kind of photography like portraitsevent photography. I’ve learned most of the technics from street photography and through my differents trips.

Manifestation des soignants à Paris Juin 2020 - Medical staff demonstration - Paris June 2020Mahdi Aridj Photography
Manifestation contre les violences policières à Paris - Protest against police Brutality in Paris - #JusticepourAdama #JusticeForAdamaMahdi Aridj Photography
Street Photography in Madrid - Photographie de rue à Madrid
Photographie de rue à la Goutte d'Or - Street photography at the Goutte d'OrMahdi Aridj Photography
Château rouge, bleu royal, La France championne du monde paris 18e aussi | France world's champion, France 2018 Paris 18th
Street photography in Malmö 9
YogaGraphy 2
Roughness to smoothness - Yoga in the business district
Paris photographies de rue  | Novembre 2017 1
Urban Yoga in Paris with Claire 2
Quadrimetry 2
Fête de Ganesh - Ganesh festival - Vinayaka Chaturthi - Pillayar Chaturthi Paris 2017Mahdi Aridj Photography
Street Photography in Paris | August 2017 4Mahdi Aridj Photography
Comment devenir photographe au temps de l'internet ? 2
Manifestations du 1er Mai 2017 18
Kasbah of Algiers - photography of the citadel
Maqam Echahid - Mémorial du martyr - Alger 3
Photos d'Alger - Une escapade dans la capitale Algérienne 52Mahdi Aridj Photography
Un après-midi à Maastricht 23
Street photography in Berlin 34
Dresde photographie de rue 34
Siegburg - Medieval Christmas Market 22
One night in Reeperbahn 7
Perpignan - Street photography
Erfurt - Photographie de rue 5
TV tower berlin
budapest buda pest hungary hongrie europe instant street photography color b&w people
Lisbon - portugal - Lisbonne
Photographie de rue