Event photography

I’ve been working in event management for many years and I still do nowadays. I’ve been hired to shoot some event photography. Some prestigious events like Roland Garros or the Paris Air Show were awesome and exciting for me as a photographer. I’ve also been hired as a photographer for brands like Daniel Hechter to capture one of their fashion show.
As a music fan, Iwent to some festivals like the the Ruhr Reggae Summer in Germany or the BarbĂ©s cafĂ© in France, another chance for me to make event phohotgraphy. The hardest part of it is not be distracted by the event itself and to stay focused on the picutres and you work, but it dosen’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy it while you work.
I’ve been called also by the prodcution of a documentary about “cartoonist” to cover the “Premiere” when they show it in Place de la rĂ©publique in Paris few months before the Charlie Hebdo attack.

I let you check the differents posts that I wrote and the pictures that I took in these differents events, If you’re interested to hire me for an event as a photographer feel free to contact me.

Mobile Portrait Photography Studio - Studio de photographie mobileMahdiAridjPhotography
Paris Fashion Week Photography - Photographe Ă  la fashion week de Paris
Photographe LosangExpo salon professionnel des buralistes  - Photographer on LosangExpo - tobacconist profesional fair trade
Photographe sur le SILMO Paris - Salon Mondial de l'Optique - Photographer on the SILMO Paris - The Optical FairMahdi Aridj Photography
Fridays for future Madrid - Marche pour le climat Madrid
Club tétons au Rex club - Soeurs Malsaines & Increase The GrooveMahdi Aridj Photography
An evening at the Théùtre des Champs-Elysées - Une soirée au théùtre des champs-ElyséesMahdi Aridj Photography
Photographe de salons professionnels et congrĂšs - Events and conventions photography
Tesla Model 3 at the Paris Motor Show - Teska model 3 au Mondial de l'Auto Paris
ChĂąteau rouge, bleu royal, La France championne du monde paris 18e aussi | France world's champion, France 2018 Paris 18th
Feu d'artifice du 14 Juillet 2018 | Paris 5
RaĂŻna RaĂŻ - Festival Rhizomes - Raina Rai The Rhizomes festival
Cable wakeboard in Malmo 2
ProcĂšs des biens mal acquis - Transparency International 1
Metallica Ă  Paris | 2017 25
FĂȘte de Ganesh - Ganesh festival - Vinayaka Chaturthi - Pillayar Chaturthi Paris 2017Mahdi Aridj Photography
Ruhr Reggae Summer 1
Events Events - Barbés café - Cabaret Sauvage
Mouna Bensaid 7
Salon International de l’AĂ©ronautique
Roland garros
Caricaturistes fantassins de la démocratie 9