Paris Gay Pride 2020

(July 2020 … while waiting for the November one)

Marche des fiertés Paris 2020 - Paris Gay Pride 2020

Paris Gay Pride 2020

Covid-19 obliges the Paris Gay Pride 2020 was postponed to November. Despite this, an unexpected march was organized this weekend of the 4th of July. From Pigalle to République, the procession set fire to the streets of Paris, passing through Place de Clichy and Saint Lazare. Highly politicized gay pride has been placed under the sign of foreign sex workers LGTBQI. Most threatened by “OQTF” (Obligation to Leave the French Territory) working in difficult conditions, especially after the 2016 law which penalizes customers.

The organizers tried to ban photos of the head of the procession, sometimes awkwardly. What made the work of the photographers present a little complicated. But in the end most of them cooperated. It is difficult to prohibit a photographer from taking photos in a public place, especially during a public event such as gay pride. However, the stigma of people is forbiden. What is absurd in this story is that in 2020 we must still pay attention to the photos that we publish at the risk of creating problems for those who are on it because of their sexual orientation …

This gay pride took place under escort of the police. Having gathered more than 3000 people, it had a different taste from other editions. Less festive, no chars, but slogans and a determination as strong as every year.

I would like to point out that all the people I took pictures of were consenting, they gave their agreement with a yes and or a nod. Despite this if there’s a person that changes her/his mind, she/he is free to write to me so that I can remove her/him from my website.

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