Arthemon Lis – German actor

Arthemon is a German actor that I met in Hamburg. He contacted me through ModelMayhem and we set up a photo session around Speicherstadt, just a couple hours before I left the city. We had a really nice evening together and we made good pictures. We were in the same mood, having fun, easy going, and since we didn’t had time to know each other we exchanged on some topics while doing the photos. I asked him to write some words about him.

“My name is Arthemon. I’m not a morning person. Like many of you, I follow society’s general trend of pilgrimaging to the beaurocratic place of worship every morning and satisfying the workload that our superior ladles on our desk. Like many of you, this does not give my life any meaning. Nearing the end of my Civil Engineering degree, at one of the leading universities in Germany, I keenly anticipate the day that I will cast this knowledge aside and direct my first film. My passion lies in Cinema. It’s a shame that it took this long to figure out, but hey, that’s just how life is. Sometimes life hands you lemons, but you don’t see the lemonade until someone steps on them.

Having lived in 5 different countries in the last 5 years, I can still honestly say that my life’s a complicated work in progress. Change is a daily part of life and adaptability is key in succeeding at it. That’s exactly what has inspired me to test the waters of acting / modeling. You’re constantly on your feet analyzing situations and improvising your actions and words to suit. Though not the greatest of talents, it gives me an opportunity to immerse into the field of cinema / photography and see firsthand how things work backstage: how to properly lead a casting, how to communicate a screenplay efficiently and effectively, and to understand who has the last say at the end of the day. This insight and knowledge is my aim in the game. Back in the day, one of my teachers introduced us to the concept of a “Renaissance Man”, one who’s gifted in a number of different disciplines. I guess my whole life’s been about just that: to aspire to become the next Da Vinci. To wake up the next morning, grab life by the pussy, and walk home feeling like you’ve given it your absolute best go.”

Arthemon Lis

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