Musical performers in Hamburg – Melanie & Clara

I met two austrian musical performers during my stay in Hamburg. Melanie Böhm and Clara Mills-Karzel. They first met when they startet their Musical education in Vienna at the Performing Academy in 2010. After that Melanie and Clara got their Diploma in 2013 they worked in the field of musical theatre and film all over Europe.

In 2016, they both decided to start a new chapter of their lives, Melanie & Clara moved to Hamburg. Without further ado, they rented a car, packed all their clothes, music instruments, books and bikes. They drove 10 hours up to Hamburg to start their new lives.

Beeing a musical performer has it’s ups and downs, means traveling a lot, meeting new people and saying good bye again, nevertheless Melanie & Clara really appreciate beeing able to live this life. Evenso it takes a lot of strenght, it also fullfills them. Because of all the traveling around it is very important to have a “homebase” to be able to relax and just let go. “We think Hamburg with it’s multicultural diversity could be the right spot for us. The city kind of inspires us. We just wanna try it.”

Nothing really can go wrong, if you have your best friend on your side!

We’ve set this photo shoot session through model Mayhem, I’ve contacted Melanie and we planned for it. It was a bit dark because we met at the end of the afternoon. But we had a good light. Melanie asked me if she can come with her friend Clara, “sure!” I said. We made it in Speicherstadt (Hamburg), with it’s typical red bricks and bridges over the Elbe.