Wedding photographer Paris

Wedding photographer based in Paris since several years, I offer my photographic talents for your wedding ceremony in Paris and around, I’ve traveled around Europe to cover events or other ceremonies where I gained more experience in wedding photography. Today to chose and entrust a photographer to his wedding is not a simple thing anymore. The feedback from my various clients and customers has allowed me to always offer more and to improve my services. Let’s take a coffee talk about your wedding, it will allow me to know you more, to adapt to your needs, your style while keeping my artistic touch.

Making good pictures is no longer enough, getting the couple to pose and forcing them to smile is no longer of our era! I am discreet and efficient photographer. I would know how to freeze every emotion, every smile or deep and complicit look. I guarantee you to capture every moment of the best day of your life.

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Photographe de mariage Paris 3
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Wedding photographer Paris

Delivery of your wedding picutres

Punctual, the day of our first meeting and especially the day of your wedding. As for the delivery of my photographic work. It takes me between one to two weeks to send you the pictures of your wedding, it depends on how busy I am. I offer you different packages that you can see here, I would deliver a photo album paper or digital. I also systematically deliver my work on a personal cloud with unlimited access and for life. Yes it is for life!

Photo Editing

I edit the photos, re swinging the contrasts, the colors to bring out your emotions but always remaining true to the natural colors with simple retouches.

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Details always details

I pay particular attention to capturing every detail of decoration and the theme of your wedding, I know it’s a long a hard labour to chose the theme and the decoration maybe even bickering a little with your future husband or wife, but today most importantly, Is that you are looking for a wedding photographer in Paris and I believe you are on the right site. Contact me, let’s talk about it … and see you soon.

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