Some photography of my travels in Poland. I’ve been there the first time for the International Conference of Humanity In Action in Warsaw I was invited by the french office to make some photography of the event. It was held at the The museum of the history of Polish Jews |Polin (Polin means either “Poland” or “rest here” and is related to a legend on the arrival of the first Jews in Poland). It was inaugurated just few weeks before. Warsaw is an amazing city, many things to visit there. few years later I went to Wroclaw and fell in love with this magic city ! Not too bit not too small just the perfect size three hours by car from Berlin. Below you can find some pictures from Wroclaw, Warsaw and also the Jewish cemetary of Warsaw located in the ancient Ghetto of Warsaw. I advise you to visit Poland people are so welcoming and the country worth the visit !

Wroclaw - Poland
Warsaw - Poland - Varsovie
The jewish cemetary of warsaw - Poland - Le cimetière juif de Varsovie