Marche des fiertés | Paris 2017 108

Marche des fiertés

Paris 2017 en images

Marche des fiertés | Paris 2017 108

LGBT Pride march | Paris 2017

On this first weekend of summer I went to the LGBT Pride march of Paris. This march is celebrating LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people) it was held in Paris on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Every year, the festive and powerful parade of pride march (Formerly known as “Gay Pride,” this national event aims to combat homophobia and defend homosexual, bisexual and transsexual pride. Created in 2001, more than one million people is gathering every year on the streets of Paris for the event. Pride LGBT events are unique; You have to see it at least once to understand what it looks like. For my part it was a first, I took my camera to immortalize this magical moment. It is a huge party with a strong statement whose goal is simple: to gain equality and respect. The parade is an ideal opportunity for LGBT bars, clubs, radio stations and associations to spread their message through colorful floats and music, flyers and other screens. Many large French companies, both in the private sector and in the public sector, also have floats in the parade, to celebrate equality rights and expression in the workplace. Some big parties did not hesitate to surf on the event to show white paw, while some of their elected one held homophobic remarks unquoted that party that was running this Saturday … This attempt of political recovery was firmly condemned by many participants. Besides, this movement was escorted by the police.

The chariots of some 60 different organizations and donors were dancing, singing, waving high rainbow flags and dressed to impress, crowds join the floats in the procession throughout the procession . Mickaël Bucheron, president of the Flag association, of which police officer Xavier Jugelé was a member, killed in a jihadist attack on the Champs-Élysées in April, came to demand the right to Scroll in uniform to “tell the population that the police are diverse, in their own image”. (Le Parisien)

2017 will be a special year because it marks the 40th anniversary of the first Paris Marche. In this respect, the poster, produced by Marion Jousse, displays a vintage / retro design to highlight the 40 years of Marche and their history. The fist, central to the poster, focuses on the demands and struggles that LGBT people must unfortunately continue to lead. Inclusive, it allows everyone to recognize itself whatever its genus, skin color, age, validity, etc. Finally, the background of the poster depicts the colors of the Rainbow Flag that walk on Paris and its monuments. (Inter-LGBT)

There was also the booth of the NGO Kiosque – info SIDA present in the cortege at a fixed point as well as other volunteers and partner organizations, major actors in the field of prevention, will broadcast messages and tools To prevent risks.

This year, the LGBT Pride march will celebrate 40 years of fighting to help LBT + members reduce discrimination.

Having taken a lot of pictures of this event, I decided to publish all of them without necessarily sorting them all out so that people who were proud to pose, participate and support the movement can retrieve their photos.

Ayant pris beaucoup de photos de cet événement, j’ai décidé de toutes les publier sans forcement toutes les trier pour que les personnes qui étaient fière de poser, de participer et de soutenir le mouvement puissent récupérer leurs photos