A wedding in september

What a wonderful month to get married, not too warm nor too cold. Just the perfect season with the perfect light and colors. Trust me, I’m a photographer.

I had the pleasure to shoot a wedding during mid September of a cute couple in Paris. I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts, pictures and good spots. We started it easy going at the brides place, while she was getting her makeup done, I was shooting the dress and the rings and some accessories. Then two hours later, we headed to the city hall for the ceremony where the groom was waiting for her patiently with the family and friends. A blue sky, free of clouds was at the rendezvous. Which made the guests and the couple completely relaxed and not stressed by the weather.

Engagement rings | Wedding in September

Wedding in September

Shooting a wedding is really exciting. You’re kind of the one who’s observing and capturing those really important moments. Believe me ! When you’re packing your photography bag the night before, you’d better check four or five times that you did took everything you need for working. While I was shooting the wedding, I was already thinking about writing this post. Especially about how important is it to take care of the couple. They aren’t just customers, they are “just” having their most beautiful day of their life and guess what ! You’re here to catch every scene of it.

Today, When I’m comparing how I was shooting wedding photography and how I’m doing it now. I can say that I changed my way of communicating. You have to remember that when you’re the photographer, you’re kind of the one who’s seeing all the details. From of decoration to the behavior of the couple and their guests. You’re the one who’s having weddings often, not them.

A wedding in september 2

Next to the city hall | Wedding in September

It’s not just about photography

Also you can sometimes if it fits with their personality, give advices or tips before the wedding. I was surprised how many times couples asked me on how it’s going on the day of the wedding. No one tells them what it’s better to do at this or that moment of the day. The first time a couple asked me, it was about if it’s better to throw the flowers of the bride after the city hall or before the dinner. Honestly I was surprised to be asked. But with time I got used to these practical question. Because I was the one being on weddings more often than them.

So just keep in mind, that most of the time it’s their first and mostly the last time they are getting married. So be a help for the them. Be the one who’s making them smile and not the one who’s asking for a smile. Be the one who’s giving ideas and suggestions (for photography).

For example, many times I had an extra bottle of water or even a painkiller to offer to them. Sounds stupid maybe, but I was doing it and the result is that you’re getting closer to them and they trust you, they feel more comfortable with you. Specially that they are spending all the day with you. You’ll see the result on the photographs you took.

To be honest, I was not doing that on purpose. It’s just when I noticed that most of the time they are forgetting to think about it. So when I’m having the chance doing it, I’m doing it. The result is that it is more pleasant to shoot pictures of people who are feeling comfortable, especially on that day.

A wedding in september 1

Weddiing photography next to the pont de Passy | Wedding in September

This is not a how to

I’m not writing and tutorial about wedding photography, I will not tell you that you have to meet them before to talk about what they want and what you can offer. Neither what to put in your camera bag, nor the benefits of shooting RAW’s… I’m just sharing what I learned on the field. The Field, is the most exciting part of working on a wedding.

On this one that I had done in Septembre, we planned to go to a spot not far of the Eiffel tower. You know? that bridge where all the couples are going to shoot their wedding, where the scene of the mirrors from the movie Inception was shot, yes just there. The Bridge of Passy, near Bir Hakeïm. It’s a good spot for symmetry lovers, but so far from view on the Eiffel tower.

Places where to shoot wedding photography in Paris

Unfortunately, it’s too much crowded and complicated to shoot in the middle of 20 couples that are getting married, with all the people that are stopping in your field view… anyways if the couples want it then we will manage. After that I’ve found a good spot at champs de Mars and since it was the big race of “La parisienne” on that day so it was good because not that many people were around, quite different after the crowded bridge. Since i wrote this post I’ve discovered some good place where to do wedding photography and most of them are around the 18th district of Paris, not far from Montmartre.

That was a quite good wedding, not too big not too small. It was another wedding where I learned about my way methodology and I hope I’ll keep learning. Shooting a wedding is a teaching a lot about photography. One photographer friend of mine always said that it’s a mix of photojournalism, street photography, landscape, portrait and fashion photography at the same time. I can tell you that she’s right. But the best part of it is the Human experience behind it.

A wedding in september 3

Handmade decoration at the wedding  | Wedding in September