As I wrote about it on a older post Collioure is on the côte Vermeille, in southern France. This city well known as the where the Fauvism first took place, and where many famous artist lived, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and many others. Nowadays, it’s touristy and full of souvenir shops, expensive restaurants with it’s fancy people, but still welcoming however you are.

I’ve spent a week around Collioure, making some treks around the coast, exploring the city, or just chilling at the beach. Swimming in the small beach of the city was really pleasant, it’s really close to the city. The water was really salty, and warm. Give a try to that beach, but I advise you to walk for 10 more minute and to stop by the creek which is just under the ‘Relais des trois mas” then you can jump in the water while having Collioure in front of you.