Flying over the Alps

As I promised on a earlier post, here’s the pictures of that hazy sunrise over the alps. I took them with a 50mm. It was not that easy to clean them from all the stains and the dirt of the window’s plane. I discovered this view after one hour of flight south west of Berlin toward Barcelona. If one day you’re flying over the Alps don’t forget to ask for a window seat, it’s one of the most beautifull view I had from a plane.

I took those picutres more than two weeks ago, when I was editing them yesterday I found some details that I’ve forgot, cities, lakes and rivers are appearing on the captions, you can look closer. I’m always surprised to see snow on august but I can imagine how cold could be there on the tops of this mountains. On some pictures, specially the seconde one, there’s clouds just above the mountains and it’s giving an impression of islands appearing over the sea.

Hope that next time I’m flying over the Alps I’ll have a cleaner window !