Discovering the capital of Bavaria

Panorama on Marienplatz - Münich - Munich

Panorama on Marienplatz – Münich – Munich

Münich ! I’m hearing about the city since ages, finally I got there to visit ! After stopping by Regensburg and Ingolstadt for the midwfery project (which is going really well) The city was my next destination in Bavaria. I took the train and arrived late to my host from Couchsrufing (which was really nice to me). Then after breakfast I left for Marienplatz to discover a bit.

Let’s talk about the Bavarian capital a bit ! It has the lowest unemployement rate in Germany 4,6% (source:www.muenchen.de), which makes the city really attractive, but also makes it really hard to find a flat there. Munich, Münich or München  is a major centre of art, advanced technologies, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism (I think I’ve listed everything !)  in Germany and Europe. It has a very high quality of living.

I’m not going to talk about the “Oktoberfest” since everyone knows about it and that I was there on December which is a bit late for it ! I liked having a Gluwein in Marienplatz and seeing the Christmas market I have to be honest and to say that I was expecting a bit more, but that was really fine.

Haus der kunst | Die goldene bar

I’ve been advised to go to the golden bar to see the goldy/fancy decoration inside. I can tell you that you won’t regret it. The waiters are nice and the location just behind the haus der kunst makes it a good stop after admiring an exhibition there.

Die goldene Bar - Münich - Munich

Die goldene Bar – Münich – Munich

Haus der Kunst - Münich - Munich

Haus der Kunst – Münich – Munich

Eisbach | Surf in Münich

On the way I passed by the English garden. I found a really crazy scene, specially in December ! on the river, there was an artificial wave and surfers ridding it. Yes, surfers surfing in December in Münich !

Surfers in Eisbach - Münich - Munich

Surfers in Eisbach – Münich – Munich

Surf in Eisbach - Münich - Munich

Surf in Eisbach – Münich – Munich

Around the Deutsches museum

After a Glüwein in Marienplatz, I went to the Deutches museum. But I was running out of time and a bit tired to make the whole visit, the fault of the hot wine maybe 🙂 Shame on me ! an engineer coming until the museum of the German technology and not entering in it !

On my way to the Deutsches Mueseum, I met a really nice couple over a bridge. I offered to take pictures of them, they were really lovely and cute !

Love in Münich - Munich

Couple on the bridge

The Olympic park of Münich | “Olympiapark München”

I had a drink with my host Kurt in the Olympic village of Münich, feels like the olympic games were running just two years ago, the architecture and the atmosphere is “unique” I decided to go there for more pictures during daylight ! which is ended with one afternoon at the Olympic village and one morning at the Olympic stadium. I’ll post them soon, I promise !


My trip in ended with a day trip to the famous castle of “Ludwig II” the Neuschwantsein. But as usual, I’ll tell you more about it later…

Neuschwanstein - South of Münich - Munich