Olympic Park of Munich

Olympiastadion München

Olympiapark Munich - Parc olympique de Munich

Olympiapark Munich – Parc olympique de Munich

Built to host the 1972 Summer Olympics games, the Olympic Park of Munich was built in only six years on a 300-acre vacant land north of Munich. This flat terrain is the Oberwiesenfeld, formerly used for military exercises, airport in the inter-war period and after 1945 to pour out the ruins of the bombed city, creating a real artificial hill of 60 meters High (See Photo – Olympiaberg). The concept of a “green Olympic Games” was chosen, and so too was the orientation toward the ideals of democracy. Officials sought to integrate optimism toward the future with a positive attitude toward technology, and in so doing set aside memories of the past, such as the Olympic Games of 1936 in Berlin. The architectural firm of Günther Behnisch and its partners developed a comprehensive masterplan for the sports and recreation area, which was under construction from 1968 until 1972. The landscape layout was designed by landscape architect Günther Grzimek. The eye-catching tensile structure that covers much of the park was designed by German architect and engineer Frei Otto with Günther Behnisch. In all, the project spent 1.35 billion German Marks to complete the Olympic Park of Munich

The artificial hill that of the Olympic park of Munich once was just a slope was rethink and renamed Olympiaberg. A 291 meter high tower was erected hosting a restaurant overlooking Munich and far on the Bavarian Alps. Swimming pool, stadium, gym and other equipment was delivered on time and in high quality.

Regular events at the Olympic park of Munich

Olympic Hall

  • Six-Day-Run (since 1972)
  • Munich Indoors (since 1998)
  • Supercross-Cup (since 1999)
  • Holiday on Ice (since 1975)
  • Night of the Proms (since 1995)
  • International Exhibition (since 1972)
  • Watchtower-Congress of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (since 1973)

Olympic Swim Hall

  • 24-Hour-Swim (since 2000)
  • Munich Triathlon (since 2003, always at the end of May)

Open-Air Theatron

  • Summer Music Theatron (since 1972)
  • Open-Air Pentecost Theatron (since 2001)


  • Spartan Race Sprint
  • Tollwood Festival (summer music festival)
  • Summerfest in Olympiapark

Equipements of the Olympic Park of Munich

Olympic Stadium, Olympic Hall, Small Olympic Hall, Olympic Swim Hall, Olympic Ice Rink, Werner-von-Linde Hall, Olympic Tennis Facility, Olympia Cycle Center, Olympic Tower – OlympiaturmOlympic VillageOlympic Media City, Olympiapark, Olympic Mountain, Olympic Sea, The “Sea Stage”, Open-Air Theatron, Carillon, Munich Olympic Walk Of Stars, Pavilion-Roof Construction ,Further environment