Olympic Village Student of Munich

In 1972, thirty-six years after the Berlin Games, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, erased memories of the Nazi propaganda of the 1936 games. For this event the city of Munich was transformed and the sports complex which will host the games will be one of the most dense and one of the most modern of the time. At the end of the Olympic Games, the buildings and bungalows of the Olympic Village were converted into a university residence. Especially for a city like Munich where finding a flat to rent is a big adventure. My curiosity brought me to see what has become of this place full of history (see “Munich massacre during the Olympic games.” Pleasantly surprised by how the village has changed, full of life. An association managed and offering very rich activities (See Olydorf), clubs, discotheques, photo clubs, nature  etc. Of 40 years also offers work for its members.

Wandering through the Olympic Village Student of Munich, I was able to make some pictures of the bungalows, customized by painters. From Sponge Bob to the Simpsons, from Munich and some other references. Let’s talk less here’s the pictures.