Nicos Farm – Hamburg

Just after I arrived in Hamburg, I went by foot until Jungfernstieg, there I saw people holding lights and walking in the rythme of the beats. I asked a women and she told me it’s a walk, that’s Nicos farm walk, it’s every year and it’s for supporting disabled children. So children are walking, holding a light, “Ein Licht von Kind zu Kind” (A light from child to a child). I met also the photographer Marina.R., she gave some more informations, a flyer and introduced me to Nicos and his father. Nicos father started this 8 years ago and meanwhile the walk was going on, many other cities were having the same. The walk ended, with a huge firework and gathered many people around. I told my friend later, that Hamburg welcomed me, with a demonstration and a huge firework, how do you want me to not fall in love with the city !

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Arnold Schnittger
Phone: (+49) – 0170 – 413 14 04

Concept of the Nico Farm

Our primary goal is the realization of a “model project Nicos Farm”, preferably in Amelinghausen near Lüneburg (Lower Saxony), where the handicapped children live together with their parents in a community that supports each other by the mutual coexistence. Nicos Farm is a unique “island of humanity”.

“Nicos Farm” is designed as a multi-generational project, aims to secure jobs for people with and without disability, and to offer leisure activities in which people with and without handicaps get closer, if possible also cooperate.

The Amelinghausen location was chosen in 2013 when our chairman Arnold Schnittger pushed the wheelchair of his son Nico 1080 km from Flensburg to Lake Constance to draw attention to the situation of caring relatives. Since then, there is the contact to the velvet community Amelinghausen.

The greatest wish is that the first groundbreaking of “Nicos Farm” will take place at the end of 2017, and in the spring of 2018 the first houses will be ready for occupancy.