A compilation of my various posts and pictures of Hamburg that I took during my stay in the city of northern Germany. I was lucky enough to spend a week there, discovering every part of the city and its various atmospheres by day and night.

The port of Hamburg and the ships passing through from all sides, the cranes unloading the cargo ships from their containers.

The Speicherstadt district of Hamburg built over the water, with its red-brick buildings floating over the Elbe, with the recently opened Elbphilharmonie.

The Altona district as well as the fish market open every Sunday. The appointment of early risers and especially late spleepers which ends up there to finish their night on the banks of the Elbe.

I also organized photo shoots for Arthemon a young German actor whose career began to become interesting and also Mélanie & Carla two Austrian music hall actresses of who had moved to Hamburg to pursue their artistic career.

I met Marina a photographer for the charity “Nicos Farm” association during a night walk where of parents accompanying their children carrying lanterns.

I ended up staying one night in Reeperbahn’s mythical Hamburg area, the crazy nights in Hamburg are well known. Saint Pauli clubs and pubs , sex shops and brothels. The neighborhood where the Beatles started. It was a busy week and I came back with lots of pictures of Hamburg.

Portrait in Hamburg 2
One night in Reeperbahn 7
Arthemon Lis - German actor 12
Port of Hamburg 46
A week-end in Hamburg 43