Nude photography in Berlin

… a evening with Julia

Nude photography in Berlin 7

Julia’s triptych – Nude photography

Berlin 2017 

The best part about travelling a lot to Germany is about opportunities to meet a lot of different and wonderful people living there. In Berlin it’s even better, most of the people that I’ve met there were really open minded. Yesterday I did some nude photography in Berlin, that was the first time I’ve planned for a nude photo session. Julia was the perfect model for that, really open minded and self confident. I’ve did some nude photography before for pregnant women and for other girls but this is the first time we agreed to publish them…

Nude photography in Berlin 1

Julia smoking – Nude photography

Berlin 2017

Julia is really nice, specially with her red hair and tattoos all over her body, we met at her place had a tea and talked about how it’s going to be. As a photographer you need to observe a lot, so this is how I found the perfect frame for the pictures that I wanted to make. A dark wall in her living room was perfectly fitting, it could make her red hair more vivid and her white skin shinning more. Julia took a seat and I started to shoot and to guide her, she was dressed in a black panties her tattoos appearing. We were really comfortable and talking a lot to know each other better, to feel more comfortable for the next level. I have to confess that as a photographer I always tell my models that being behind of the camera is as stress full as being in front of it… the first pictures are always useful to make us feeling more comfortable and not thinking too much. Just relaxing and following the mood.

Nude photography in Berlin 4
Nude photography in Berlin 5
Nude photography in Berlin 3
Nude photography in Berlin 6

After taking a break and showing Julia some of the pictures I’ve just made. We decided to go for more, we felt comfortable to go over the barrier of clothes. I noticed that there was a black polaroid on the table, I asked Julia that it will be great to make a polaroid of her. She had to load it with a new cartridge, she was focusing deeply … that was a good opportunity for me make really natural and unopposed pictures of her nude, that was my first nude photography in Berlin