Warschauer Straße

Warschauer Straße is a major thoroughfare in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district of central Berlin, the capital of Germany. From Frankfurter Tor to the North The street begins and spans 1.6km South to the intersection of the Oberbaumbrücke, Mühlenstraße and Stralauer Allee. The street are a section of Bundesstraße and the Berlin Inner Ring Road. The street name refer to Warsaw, the Polish capital. [Wikipedia]

Friedrichshain meets the Spree river between Frankfurter Tor and Oberbaumbrücke. Lie one and a half kilometers of east Berlin’s legend. Those who stroll around the old buildings, streetfood corners and bars find it hard to imagine that 150 years ago no urban life was happening here. As an east Berliner told me once Berlin is an addition of many villages, it’s not a big city it’s just a big village. From “Süß War Gestern” to the “Watergate” passing by “Place Clichy” this area is full of life !

When Berlin turned into a modern metropolis around 1900, Warschauer Straße became an important traffic axis between the blossoming boroughs Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Berlin’s first subway line, nowadays the U1, started here and the city’s most famous bridge – the Oberbaumbrücke – became the symbol of a modern cosmopolitan city.

Today Warschauer Straße is on everyone’s lips mainly as the center of Berlin nightlife. Every night, especially on the weekend, tens of thousands leave the trains here on their way to the clubs and bars in the area. The well-known RAW-Area and its numerous clubs with steampunk flair, the party mile Simon-Dach-Straße and famous techno clubs like Berghain are just a stone’s throw away. So whoever wants to go partying in Friedrichshain meets up here on Warschauer Brücke, for when the sun slowly goes down behind the TV Tower, the capital’s best nights are about to begin. [Ip Hostel]

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