A portrait in Hamburg

I took many pictures and many portrait in Hamburg. During the week I’ve spent there I met many people and really interesting ones. I stayed in room of a big shared flat of a friend, 13 people were sharing the flat. Ya 13 ! Located in Altona, it was an old factory of machines producing machines for leather industry. Accommodated as flat since many decades, it was really pleasant to be there. They were really kind and welcomed me really good. I had a talk with one of them and he surprised me telling me, that he have been in Algeria four time at the end of the 80’s doing a road trip, I told him that he must know my country better than me ! He showed me in a big atlas map all the way he did and how he made it through north Africa to west Africa, and my reaction was just “Wow” I should do that too, then I told him that it’s funny that he went to Africa for a road trip and that me I’m doing one in Europe.

Portrait in Hamburg 1

I took two portrait of him one color and the other black & white, it was a really interesting person. We also exchanged about politics and about the gentrification in big cities. He started living there 32 years ago, the reaction of people was ” how are you living there !?! are you not scared ? and nowadays they are asking him if he can afford it !

Portrait in Hamburg 2

Hope to you soon again, that was a really pleasant stay there.