Wedding in Normandy

The bride

Wedding in Normandy 2

The bride in her beautifull wedding dress

Wedding in Normandy 19

The bride in her beautifull wedding dress, posing in the garden of her parents house in Normandy

The church

Wedding in Normandy 18

The bride and the groom getting married at the church

The bride and the groom freshly married at the church – Wedding in Normandy

The portrait session

Wedding in Normandy 9

The bride & the groom posing for portrait couple photo just before the dinner

Wedding in Normandy 11

Bride throwing her wedding bouquet for single women to catch.

The dinner

Wedding in Normandy 7
Wedding in Normandy 13

The wedding dance opening

Wedding in Normandy 15
Wedding in Normandy 16

Wedding in Normandy

Shooting this wedding in Normandy was really important for me, since both of the bride and the groom were my friends. It’s always a responsability to be in charge of the photography at the wedding specially when it’s your friends. You feel  relaxed and nervous at the same time, you work but you enjoy it. Usually my clients are always offering me drinks during the ceremony by drinks I mean champagne & co. Usually I refuse until I’m nearly reaching the end, to relax and to enjoy the party. For my point of view you can’t photograph an event if you’re not involved or not in the mood. Photography is kind of freezing a particular moment and you have to transmit the feeling that is floating there thourgh your pictures … a really hard thing since feeelings and mood are really subjective. This is why you need to be really social, easy going, open minded and enough self confident to make some little jokes. But at the same time really efficient on your photography because this is why you’re here. I remember one of customers telling me at the end of his wedding that he was reliefed that we took good time during the day of his wedding. He said that he was afraid of getting bored or that the alchemy between us will not be good. Since we were spending the whole day together and that I’ll follow them as their own shadow.

Not sure you’ll find photographers telling all this kind of details or about how they work. You’ll find some of them telling you about how to increase your incomes as a wedding photographer, how to work on you marketing for you wedding photography business, how to take better photos in wedding … but I prefer to talk on this side of the job since no one or at least not that much wedding photographer are giving their own experience on this “human” side. To finish about a topic I started to talk about few lines before, yes I do drink and I do eat with the people that are invited there and it tells you how some couples are really treating well their photographer.

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