Hazy sunrise over the Alps

This morning I had to take a flight from Berlin to Barcelona for spending some holidays there and around the south of France.

After an hour of flying, I saw through the window a wonderful scene, and I asked myself if I’m flying over the alps ? lucky me it was a yes and on top I was siting on a window seat.

The sun was rising over the alps,  rays waking up the east flank of the mountains, while the west side stood in the dark, waiting patiently for his turn to get undressed of his own shadow. The light was particularly warm on theses last days of August, vaporizing the morning dew and getting the mountains veiled by a thin haze. The perfect alchemy for a hazy sunrise over the Alps.

I took some pictures of this view with some snowy peeks piercing the clouds. Now I can only publish the one I took with my mobile phone (by the way it’s on my instagram) so stay tuned until the next post, I’m coming soon with some pictures of the alps took with my Nikon D700.