One day of Ramadan in Paris 18th

Une journée de Ramadan à la Goutte d'Or - One day of Ramadan in Paris 18th

One day of Ramadan in Paris 18th

Une journée de Ramadan à la Goutte d’Or

In 2019, I photograph a day of Ramadan in Paris 18th. I still remember in 2008, a few weeks after arriving in France I went for a tour around the district of Barbès. I was impressed by the atmosphere there. Far from my family and my friends the nostalgia of the country that had seen me grow up took me by the throat. The scents and smells of North African food, ras el hanout and ma’a zhar (orange flower water) were present, awakening these memories not so far from my childhood … A few years later it is not far from this neighborhood that I was going to settle … “The Goutte d’Or”.

I have always wanted to document the month of Ramadan in this neighborhood. But I wanted to show that the beautiful things, the sense of sharing and the festive moods that brighten the evenings. This year I was able to follow the members of the association “La table ouverte”.

“La Table ouverte”

I followed Rachid from the association “La table ouverte” because it is an association that is on the working on the field and very active. Every Ramadan volunteers of the association cook thousands of dishes they distribute before breaking the fast. At the level of the Polonceau street where I discovered a few months ago during the festival of “La Goutte d’Or” with the project Antre” of Séverine Bourguignon.

I could not finish this project because of lack of time. Maybe next year !? but meanwhile every day of this month I saw the ICI kitchens turn to offer these thousands of meals distributed every night to allow them to have a little taste of Ramadan at home with a lot of Chorba and Lben.

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