Pictures of Algeria

Discover Algeria through my selection of posts and pictures of Algeria, some cities of my native country, its landscapes, portraits of Algerians as well as some street photography taken in the mythical districts of Algiers. From the casbah to Salembier, via Soustara and Algiers center, I strolled for a few sunny days capturing moments of the Algerian life. I did street photography in many European cities, but in Algiers I didn’t have this chance yet and I had lived there for more than five years. I immortalized the bay of Algiers, spreading from east to west such a smile going from La Perouse to the Admiralty in an urban landscape mixture of ancient and modern architectural style

In Kabylia more precisely in Azeffoun in my father’s native village where I spent all the summer holidays of my childhood. Landscapes combining land, sky and sea, where the mountains jumps into the azure blue sea.

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