Würzburg – One day in autumn

Panorama Würzburg - Panorama Wurtbourg

 Panoramic view on Würzburg

This fall I’m travelling throurgh Germany to discover the country and the culture and to make my project around midwifery. I was in Würzburg last week-end. It’s a beautiful city of Bavaria, located on the Main river, it is the capital of the Regierungsbezirk. They are having a local dialect called Franconian (Fränkisch). Würzburg is at the same distance of of Frankfurt am Main and of Nuremberg.

Würzburg has several internationally recognized institutions in science and research. Founded in 1402 the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg or  University of Würzburg is one of the oldest university of Germany. Nowadays, there is more than 22.000 students. Many of them enrolled in many academic disciplines as astronomy, biology, Catholic theology, chemistry, computer science, culture, economics, education and social sciences, geography, history, languages and linguistics, law, literature, mathematics, medicine (human medicine, dentistry and biomedicine),pharmacy, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology and sociology. University of Applied Science or  University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

Must Sees

If you are like me just there for a short time this is the list of the must sees. To be honest, I just had a few hours there, so I was not able to do them all (as you can see it in my pictures). But here’s a short list of what you must see.

Festung Marienberg (Fortress Marienberg)

The Fortress Marienberg is the most dominating feature of the city; it towers above it all. Take a tour and learn about its history.

Alte Mainbrücke (old bridge)

From the old bridge “Alte Mainbrücke”, enjoy fantastic views of the Fortress Marienberg, the pilgrimage church “Käppele” and the famous vineyards.

Dom St. Kilian (cathedral)

“St. Kilian” is a prime example of the architectural style during the time of the Salian kings. It is the fourth largest Romanesque cathedral in Germany and is home to exquisite artifacts from many centuries.

Pilgrimage Church “Käppele”

Enjoy splendid architecture and a glamorous interior decoration at the Baroque pilgrimage church “Käppele”, built between 1748 and 1750 by Balthasar Neumann.

Churches “Marienkapelle” and “Neumünster”

Make sure to visit “Marienkapelle” and “Neumünster”. “Marienkapelle” is featuring some world renowned sandstone sculptures by Tilman Riemenschneider. “Neumünster” is a Romanesque cathedral dating back to the 11th century.

Special thanks

I have a special thanks to the photo lab Weber photo because without them I was unable to take pictures, I arrived there and noticed that the battery of my Nikon D700 was empty and the second one just at 15%… I forgot my charger at the place where I was staying. I was looking to buy a charger in town, so I went there to ask them, and they offered me to charge it, it was really kind of them, without that precious help you won’t read that page right now ! Vielen dank Weber-photo Würzburg.