Port of Azeffoun

The port of Azeffoun is a compulsory stop for me when I go to the area. I have seen the port of Azeffoun transformed over the years. When I was younger, I learned to fish in deep water, to make big dives … Then work began in the late 1980s to enlarge the port of Azeffoun, they lasted more Of a decade so that the transformation ends to offer the city of Azeffoun and its fishermen the infrastructure that will enable them to develop the fishing and tourism activities.

The fishing port is the first infrastructure to be established there after the settlement of the first settlers. The mixed commune of Port-Gueydon was one of the largest in Kabylia in the days of the French administration. Dozens of villages occupied its geographical area bounded on the south-east by Ighil Tafraout Jehma and Zekri and on the south-west by the villages of Abizar and Timizart N’sidi Mansour. It serves as a junction between the two Kabylies: Bejaïa is only 83 kilometers from the eastern limit of the daïra of Azeffoun.

The blue flag award for the port of Azeffoun

As mentioned by “Taous C” in “La dépêche de Kabylie” The Blue Flag 2016 was awarded to the port of Azeffoun, located in the coastal town of the same name, 70 km northeast of Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria), which won by the same The first place in the ranking of ports in the center of the country. “The 2016 blue flag will float a year over the port of Azeffoun”

This eco-label is awarded at the end of a competition for the evaluation of national port infrastructures in terms of organization, hygiene and management, launched by the ministry that it represents, A press conference was hosted at the headquarters of its management.

If you go by the region don’t forget to visit the harbor and eat some sardines, it’s the best of the area !

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