An afternoon in Maastricht

On the new year eve, I’ve made a short spontaneous afternoon in Maastricht for a coffee and a walk. Departing from Bonn and just more than hour drive. So I said “Los nach Maastricht”. This is the second time I traveled to the Netherlands, the first time it was logically Amsterdam, also on a spontaneous trip. Maastricht is the only Dutch city cited in the national anthem of the Netherlands. It is a beautiful town with reasonable size neither too big nor too small. I was lucky to visit it on December 31st when the atmosphere was festive, as in a vintage clothing store I was offered to spend the Christmas Eve with them. What a welcome!

Un après-midi à Maastricht 12

It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands but also the first to be liberated by Allied troops during the Second World War. Located in the extreme south-east Maastricht is surprising I’ve hear English, French German and of course Dutch. In one afternoon I did not have time to do many sightseeing or photography. I preferred to hang out and take coffees on heated terraces, but the few hours I spent there were very nice. See you soon and I hope that next time I will spend more than one afternoon in Maastricht.

Some facts about Maastricht

  • European Union was founded in Maastricht in 1992
  • Maastricht is considered the oldest city in the Netherlands… by some
  • D’Artangnan was dying there
  • André Rieu is living there but who give a f***