Cabaret sauvage

Easily recognizable thanks to its red roof in the shape of a marquee, the Cabaret sauvage is located in the heart of the Parc de la Villette, an urban and cultural park par excellence, including the Géode, the Philharmonie, the Cité des sciences and the And the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris. The room opens its doors for the first time in December 1997, at the initiative of Méziane Azaïche. This atypical place in the Parisian landscape can accommodate 600 people sitting or 1200 standing, who have the possibility to eat on the spot before or during the show and enjoy the terrace. Its circular parquet floor, its red velvet upholstered benches and beveled mirrors make it a particularly convivial and warm place.
More than 150 events are organized each year at the Cabaret sauvage, in a very diverse program, with artists from all over the world for concerts of various musical styles, clubbing nights, festivals, Cabaret, balls or the circus. Among the many artists who have traveled the scene of the Cabaret sauvage, we can mention in particular -M-, PJ Harvey, Louis Bertignac, Inna Modja, A $ AP Rocky or even Foals. The place was also used by Guillaume Galienne for a scene from the movie The Boys and Guillaume, at the table! Supposedly taking place in a Spanish nightclub.

I have covered two events in recent years: the Barbès café and the fundraising Gala for women in the Mediterranean.

Barbès Coffee

Barbès Café is a baptized musical performance, created by Meziane Azaïche. It shows the history of Maghreb immigration in France in several paintings, as so many epochs. Origins, marked by the blues of exile sung in bars of Barbès, today, where the legacy of the ancients is defended by a new generation of artists as part of the French musical heritage.
The success, the many comments, both from the public and from the press, from encouragement and criticism, have shown to what extent this sensitive and moving spectacle met an expectation.
The public was not mistaken, seduced by the form, winked at the culture of immigration, and by the purpose, which consists of telling the good and the bad moments of Franco- Algerian.

Do not miss this last chance to spend a magical evening, to share with us these moments of joy and emotion around the warm counter of Lucette, and (re-) to discover the most beautiful songs of the exile on archives Exceptional French television … Come vibrating on the tubes of Rimitti, Salim Halali, Hanifa, El Harrachi or even El Anka! (Source Cabaret sauvage)

Funding Gala for Women in the Mediterranean

The Fund for Women in the Mediterranean is a fund to support the emancipation of women in the Mediterranean basin. His third gala theme is “Father and Proud of My Daughter” to remind men that they are defending an egalitarian society where their daughters and all women live free and respected.
The FFMed Gala is known for being a quality event where gratis performers of great talents perform.

Souad Massi (folk song, world music). It is said that it is the Tracy Chapman of the Maghreb.
HK and the deserters (French songs revisited, Brel, Ferré, Ferrat, Renaud, Nougaro). For this new project, Kadour Haddadi is surrounded by a châabi music orchestra to present a show bringing together French song and popular Algerian music.
Nôma Omrane (lyrical music, soprano) It’s hard to come back to the trivial after listening. Sublime.
Nawel (pop world, oriental and Maghreb music), a Franco-Tunisian songwriter with a raucous and suave voice. In her artistic approach, she likes to combine Arabic with French and English. She has recently won several awards and has recently collaborated with Tony Gatlif on her film “Indignados”
Lori La Armenia (Flamenco Dance): between rage and grace, her dance is subtle and captivating. Initiated at the heart of the golden triangle Jerez-Sevilla-Lebrija, Lori transforms the body and the dance to what it takes to stay in suspense. You had the opportunity perhaps in Les Garçons and Guillaume at Table if not run quickly on May 15 at the Cabaret Sauvage. Do not miss !
Basma Kodmani, founding member of the “Network of Syrian Women” and director of the Arab Reform Initiative, will honor us.
Several personalities will illustrate the theme “Father and proud of my daughter” with their testimonies among them: Meziane Azaiche (director of Cabaret Sauvage), Bernard Murat (director) and Stéphanie Murat (actress and director), Idir (singer-songwriter) Thénina (musician), Patrick Jean (filmmaker, producer and co-founder of “Zero Macho”), Farouk Mardam Bey (director of Sinbad publishing), Plantu (Press Designer). (Source Cabaret sauvage)