Photography of Paris

I moved to city of lights in 2008 to finish my sudies in Agronomical sciences, what I didn’t knew is that I’ll start a photography carreer few years later. Paris is one of the perfect cities to make photography and especially to learn it. It’s a metropole with a unique style. With it’s Haussmanian buildings, the differents style of each neighbourhood. These photography of Paris that you’ll find just down there were took while I was doing street photography and urban exploration sometimes while working on a special event or on an assignement. 

I’ve left Paris for Berlin for a couple of years but I’ve always came back here. Most of the wedding photography and the portraits that I took were here in Paris. 

In this section you can find most of the photography of Paris that I’ve took the last years. One of my favorite thing was to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower from different point of views.

Manifestation contre les violences policières à Paris - Protest against police Brutality in Paris - #JusticepourAdama #JusticeForAdamaMahdi Aridj Photography
Club tétons au Rex club - Soeurs Malsaines & Increase The GrooveMahdi Aridj Photography
Paris fête les champions d'afrique - Paris celebrates the champions of Africa
Verts de joie pour les Fennecs - An uncommon Bastille Day with Algerian football fans
Quand les fennecs font vibrer Barbès - Barbes shivers for the Fennecs - CAN2019Mahdi Aridj
Manifestation du 1er Mai 2019 à Paris - Paris May DayMahdi Aridj Photography
Photos de l'incendie à Notre-Dame de Paris  - Pictures of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral
Hirak - الحراك - Mouvement du 22 Février 2019 à Paris - The 2019 Algerian protests in Paris
An evening at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées - Une soirée au théâtre des champs-ElyséesMahdi Aridj Photography
Photographie de rue à la Goutte d'Or - Street photography at the Goutte d'OrMahdi Aridj Photography
Château rouge, bleu royal, La France championne du monde paris 18e aussi | France world's champion, France 2018 Paris 18th
Feu d'artifice du 14 Juillet 2018 | Paris 5
Raïna Raï - Festival Rhizomes - Raina Rai The Rhizomes festival
Urban AcroYoga in Paris | YogaGraphy 4
Photographe de Baptême à Paris - Orthodox baptism photographer in Paris - Christening
L'Ashtanga et moi | Yoga urbain 9
Roughness to smoothness - Yoga in the business district
Paris photographies de rue  | Novembre 2017 1
Quadrimetry 2
A wedding in september 6
Themfie Color 2
Fête de Ganesh - Ganesh festival - Vinayaka Chaturthi - Pillayar Chaturthi Paris 2017Mahdi Aridj Photography
Street Photography in Paris | August 2017 4Mahdi Aridj Photography
Jours tranquilles à Paris, Berlin et Alger
Comment devenir photographe au temps de l'internet ? 2
Manifestations du 1er Mai 2017 18
C’était un certain 13 Novembre 13
Lightning strike in Paris 2
Wedding photographer Paris
Salon International de l’Aéronautique
The goutte d'Or - La goutte d'Or
Photographie de rue