Paris Air Show

At each edition of the Paris Air Show, nearly 150 aircraft are presented to visitors at Le Bourget. Of these aircraft, one party performs daily flight presentations on each afternoon. From the tarmac of Le Bourget airport. Spectacular and often astonishing, the aerial presentations are one of the highlights of the show and allow exhibitors to show their technological know-how and visitors to discover the latest innovations in the field.

I had the chance to work there and also to take pictures of the event in June 2013 after working on Roland Garros. The SU-35 was the event of this edition, the sound was audible at tens of kilometers around. Deafening! The Western media have called the demonstration flights of the new Russian Su-35 (Su for Sukhoi) fighter aircraft at the 2013 International Paris Air Show, “sensation”, being presented for the first time outside Russia. Impressed the public by his pilot prowess impossible to achieve with other fighter planes, proving once again that the Sukhoi fighters remain among the best in the world. Able to do “The Cobra” and more particularly the Pugachev Cobra which is an air combat maneuver, especially in post-stall. This operation is made possible by a combination of pitch control, stability, and efficiency of motors and air inlets with very high angle of attack.

Sukhoi Su-35 is modestly classified in generation 4 ++. The company says that the complete response to the American Raptor – a true fifth-generation fighter – has not yet been tested. This is the Future Aviation System of the Front (PAK FA) or T-50. Its first flight took place in 2009, and the aircraft will be mass produced in 2015. Prior to this, the Su-35 will be an intermediate stage for pilots to familiarize themselves with next-generation technology. However, the word “provisional” does not really reflect the essence of the new machine. (Source Russian press)

The Paris Air Show is a two-part exhibition, the first week dedicated to civil aviation and army aviation professionals who come to prospect and discover new technological advances in the field of aviation. The biggest manufacturers are present such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Lockheed Martin Corporation and others who offer embedded computer solutions Daussault system, Alcatel, Eurosam, Safran … and many others.

Paris Air Show 25

The entire industrial chain is present:

• Aircraft: construction, assembly and sub-assemblies

• Space, satellites, satellite telecommunications

• Engine thrusters and specific equipment

• Air and land weapons

• Aid for piloting, navigation and embedded equipment systems

• Cabin arrangements, seats

• Production equipment, tools and software

• Electrical, electronic, mechanical and metallurgical subcontracting

• Composite materials and surface treatments

• Maintenance, after-sales and spare parts, transport

• Airport equipment and services