It happening sometimes to me to talk about photographer that I like and that have influenced and still influences me by the pictures they took, their words their style. We remember the pictures but not the photographers who took them, famous or not I have chosen to talk about some of the, to say and share what I think. Not that I am a photo critic, but just say a few words accompanied by the photos that marked me at my scale.

Hans Steiner or Saul Leiter and many others that I have spoken of or which I will discuss shortly. As I read it somewhere “It is important to understand that it is not the cameras that took these pictures, it is the photographers behind the lens who captured the moment. Without these individuals and their understanding of photography, these images would not be available for our understanding and appreciation. “

Mobile Portrait Photography Studio - Studio de photographie mobileMahdiAridjPhotography
Photographe LosangExpo salon professionnel des buralistes  - Photographer on LosangExpo - tobacconist profesional fair trade
Photographe d'architecture et d'intérieurs - Architectural and interior photographerMahdi Aridj Photography
Photographe sur le SILMO Paris - Salon Mondial de l'Optique - Photographer on the SILMO Paris - The Optical FairMahdi Aridj Photography
Genèse d'une piscine en Ardèche - Profession Artisan pisciniste - A day with swimming pool builders
Manifestation du 1er Mai 2019 à Paris - Paris May DayMahdi Aridj Photography
Photos de l'incendie à Notre-Dame de Paris  - Pictures of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral
Photographe de mariage en Bourgogne | Wedding photographer in Burgundy
Photographe de Baptême à Paris - Orthodox baptism photographer in Paris - Christening
Maternity photography in Berlin 23
Copyright et non-respect des droits d'auteur en Algérie 16
Hans Steiner | 15 minutes de la vie d'un photographe 1
Saul Leiter
Photographe d'entreprise et corporate- Corporate photographer