Urban [ Yoga Graphy ]

Urban YogaGraphy is a photography serie made in the street of Paris. I’ve started it in october 2017 with Claire Marvint. After five photos session with Claire, we decided to take it to antoher level. Claire Saintard joined us and we started the Urban YogaGraphy Project on this sixth session.

The need of finding the freedom from the inside is more than just a trend. Kind of a paradigm shift, taking down the negative effects of the modern society on our beings. I intend to bring Yoga practice to the streets through my photography to show people the contrast, to oppose this practice to the outside world. meditation is important for us especially in societies where the words “Performance”, “career” and “rush” are having too much weight on our being.

With the series maybe and I’ll try to make an exhibition of this photographs during the next months so if you want help let me know.

YogaGraphy with Anne Francin
Urban AcroYoga in Paris | YogaGraphy 4
YogaGraphy 2
L'Ashtanga et moi | Yoga urbain 9
Roughness to smoothness - Yoga in the business district
Urban Yoga in Paris with Claire 2
Early morning Yoga in Paris with Claire 3