France world’s champion, France 2018 Paris 18th

Château rouge, bleu royal, La France championne du monde paris 18e aussi | France world's champion, France 2018 Paris 18th

France world’s champion, France 2018 Paris 18th

France world’s champion, France 2018 Paris 18th (Still translating)

Yes ! France world’s champion, France 2018 Paris 18th ! Few have bet on it but the French national football team have done it well ! They were unbeatable, never led on  the score until the final whistle of this edition of the FIFA world cup 2018, in Russia. For my part I was in the 18th district in Paris again in “La chope du Château rouge”. Very few places were available. Even I was there two hours before the start of the game. Blue, white and red flags hung from everywhere, horns in the streets came to assist the praises of supporters of Giroud, Pavard and their teammates. Just the time to find a seat order a beer and a improvised countdown started to announce the kick off.

The 90 minutes of the regular time passed, thousands of liters of beer poured from the shooters, cold sweats also especially during the beginning of the first half of the game. Then songs that accompanied the French team started louder and louder to the end of the game, Champions of the world ! They made it, the referee blew his whistle announcing the world of football that the French are the best. Didier Deschamps offered to his nation and a to whole generation a second star for life ! **

I immortalized a few moments in the semifinal, I came back to the same place because even if all converged on the Champs Elysee, I wanted to stay at the foot of the hill of Montmartre celebrate the victory with my villagers of the 18th !

20 years ago, I had seen and lived in front of a TV on the other side of the Mediterranean. Today I am lucky to be there in France in this country champion of the world and live a historic moment. At the final whistle, people rushed out with shouts of joy that rocked the country! Having planned the blow, or rather having been made to have I did not come in costume or empty hands this time. I planned the camera and the sneakers! I took pictures until my camera broke!

I photographed the happiness, the celebration, the victory and the pride expressed by a whole neighborhood, a whole people. We all felt French! I do not have more words … instead of photos!


Photos de la célébration de la victoire paris 18ème

Pour tous ceux qui m’ont envoyé un mail pour récupérer leurs photos et qui ne les trouvent pas sur la galerie en haut, elle sont forcement en dans celle qui est ci-dessous. Merci pour ce moment magique !

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