Street photography Dresden

Dresde photographie de rue - Street photography Dresden

Vu sur Dresde depuis l’Elbe – A view on Dresden from the Elbe

Discovering Dresden in one day that was my goal. I made some street photography on that cold but sunny day of December. Dresden in the capital of Saxony. A city full of history and continues make people talk about. Destroyed on one-third by the bombing of the RAF and USAAF during the Second World War. A massacre that makes no sense because it is not in retaliation of the bombing of Rotterdam and Coventry by the Luftwaffe, it was another dark episode of the second world war. After three days of sustained bombing, the human loss was around 25,000 up to 40,000 people, some reports even speaks of more than 300,000 deaths. After this massacre of civilian like so many others unfortunately during this war (and others), Dresden got up and like a Phoenix which reappears of its ashes, it carried out its renaissance in a record time. The historic buildings were rebuilt, the art collections that escaped allied bombing but not the plundering of the Red Army were restored in the mid 50’s. Thus the Florence of the Elbe regained its former place.

It is a modern Dresden that I had the chance to visit I stopped at Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) walking to the historic center where I could see the magnificent monuments erected on spacious streets and squares such as ” Frauenkirche “,” Palais Brühl “, also called” Marcolini “where Wagner lived and compose Lohengrin, the Golden Cavalier and many bridges defying the Elbe, two of which remain unusable, the Auguste bridge (Augustus-Brücke) and Metallic bridge Blaues Wunder (“Blue Miracle”). Below these bridges there are bike lanes for pleasant strolls between the two parts of the city.

Street photography Dresden

I walked all day in the streets of Dresden subdued by its history and by its urban landscapes that it offered to my eyes and my camera. In the afternoon, I headed towards the Neustadt (New Town) a part of the city where street art finds its place. An alternative place, hipster call it the way you want. I even found a restaurant of my “Heimat” I mean “bled” or Motherland ! a “couscous haus” Algerian (which unfortunately was closed for the holiday season). The streets of the Neustadt full of street art are nice, not too many tourists open enough and multi-culti bars and restaurants are very cozy. The architecture of this part of Dresden combined with street art is a treat for the eyes.