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Festival Rhizomes

Raïna Raï - Festival Rhizomes - Raina Rai The Rhizomes festival

Raina Rai – Festival Rhizomes

Raina Rai | The Rhizomes festival

As part of the Rhizomes festival 2018 festival Raina Rai ignited the Rachmaninov Garden in the 18th district. Originally planned in the another garden the concert had to be moved and the sound balance was made in a really short record ! The opportunity for us to have a preview of a few notes played by Lotfi Attar. This brought me back memories where the songs Raina Rai have resonated throughout my youth. Like when I was on drums with a band playing Taila or surely “Ya Zina Diri Latay” ! This song that I’ve listened recently in the last feature film of Kechiche “Mektoub my love” announces an imminent return of this legendary group.

Blaise and his co-organizers have put together a very nice program for the Rhizomes festival, which began last weekend at the end of the “La Goutte d’Or en Fête” celebrating with Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda.

Raina Rai made the XVIII th vibrate, the steps of dance and the hips rocked the square Rachmaninov in a good-natured atmosphere, young and old mingled, dancing together, singing together the tubes, applauding, saluting the performance of the group , going as far as to invade barefoot the small stream of the square to get closer to the Seine and honor the presence of this living legend of the Franco-Algerian rai 80s.

The Rhizomes festival

The Rhizomes Festival, with its series of free concerts at the foot of Montmartre Hill and other gardens and eighteenth district square is an event that is not very publicized perhaps, but it’s been there for 17 years! See you next year for an 18th in the 18th!


  • Haidouti Orkestar
  • Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda
  • Mohamed Lamouri & Groupe Mostla
  • Raïna Raï
  • Souad Asla
  • Les Pythons de la Fournaise
  • Lucibela
  • Danyèl Waro
  • Pachibaba
  • DJ Thélonius Phonk

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